Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 54: Weight Watchers

I decided to join Weight Watchers today. I have working out really hard for the last 40+ days. I have seen definite changes in my body. It is taking on a new shape. I have had multiple people ask me if I am losing weight. That is a great thing. The new muscle is helping to shape my slimmer appearance. With that said I have only lost 5-6 lbs. I don't want a bunch of muscles hiding below a layer of fat.

My husband told me I am too focused on the scale and need to stay off of it. I am. I will only weigh in once per week at Weight Watchers. I think the combination of ChaLEAN Extreme, Shakeology, and Weight Watchers I am going to be a forced to be reckoned with!

Chalene says it all the time - you have to work out but you also have to fuel your body with the right foods. I needed to stay more accountable to what I was eating. I was finding myself making excused to eat that extra snack or extra portion because "I worked out today."

Now I have a great resource to keep me accountable.

I will post every Tuesday my weight loss!

Push Goal:
  • Make my TDL for 365 Days
  • Work towards goal to make 1k average per week at home business.
  • Work on getting beachbody bus. up and running.

Tuesday, January 10
To Do List:

  1. Mop the kitchen floor. - C
  2. F/u with Quality Printers - C
  3. Purchase URL from * - Somewhat complete...had an issue and have to call. - C
  4. Post on f/b for CFA - C
  5. Post on f/b for St. B - C
  6. Post on f/b or DYS - C
  7. Work 10 minutes on GFWJ f/b * - C
  8. Call Verizon Wireless (I did not get that done yesterday.) - NC
  9. 1-2 hrs. work for CFA - C
  10. Write my thank you notes (I did not get those done yesterday. Should have put this on my week TDL)- C
  11. Email 5-10 business for St. B Art Auction - NC
  12. Join Weight Watchers - C
  13. Pay bills (dentist, RBC, and ING) (this too should have been on the week TDL). - C
  14. Update January budget with payments - NC
  15. Watch Chalene Johnson 30 Day Challenge * C
  16. Do Chalene Johnson 30 Day Challenge - * C
  17. Learn something about beachbody coaching business - C
  18. Make Wed. TDL - C

* signifies a TD that works toward my Push Goal.

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