Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 66: Thank You Notes

I have written about thank you notes in the past. It was my Mother who taught me the importance of writing thank you notes. I won't pretend I have always been good at this. I have not.  It was constantly reinforced during my upbringing and it stuck with me. I now I practice the art of the thank you note.

If you have children, teaching them the importance of the hand-written (not a text or email)  thank you note will be a skill they will carry for life. Showing one's gratitude when others have been kind is a core value all our children need to understand. This value is vital to a happy and abundant life.

Teach them while they are young! (Put it on your TDL - look for ways to say thank you!)

Tips for Children's Thank You Notes:
  • Keep it simple: It does not have to be a long note. Your child can keep it simple and as their writing skills develop so will their thank you notes.
  • If you child can't write - Write a simple message for your child. Be sure to ask your child what they would like you to write. Make suggestions to them as to what is appropriate. This helps them to begin to understand the purpose of the thank you note.
  • Use blank note cards and let your child decorate the front of the card with stickers or draw a picture.
  • Have your child sign the card. If the child is learning to write make little dots so they can trace their name. If the child is too young to trace - simply give them the pen and let them make their signature mark!
I will leave you with one thought. I read a book The Principle of the Path and the author (who is a minister) said he has parents come to him all the time when their teenagers are getting into trouble. They always ask him "How can we get God in my teens life?"  It is a lot harder at this point in their lives. If you want God in your child's life start while they are young. Show and teach them why God is important.

This idea stuck with me. It translates into so many aspects of our children's lives. When they are a teen and acting ungrateful (which is bound to happen no matter how hard we work at gratitude) you will have comfort in knowing you have already planted the seed of gratitude in their minds as a young child. Keep reinforcing it. It will grow!

Any habit we begin sowing while our children are young like eating healthy, manners, etc. will eventually take hold and grow.

Monday, January 24
To Do List:

  1. ChaLEAN Extreme - Burn it Off - C
  2. Respond to St. B emails - C
  3. Respond to school volunteer email - C
  4. Work on CFA Marketing PP
  5. Do 1+ thing off weekly TDL - C
  6. Watch Chalene Johnson 30 Day Challenge Video - C
  7. Complete 30 Day Challenge Assignment - C
  8. Update DYS Facebook - C
  9. Send out DYS email* - C
  10. Create DYS Twitter Account - C
  11. F/u on Essay Contest
  12. Pick up extra CVS picture - C
  13. Get together goody bag for A - C
  14. Work in Flylady Zone 4 - 15 minutes - C
  15. Put away laundry - C
  16. Post TDL* - C
  17. Post blog post* - C
  18. Watch presentation on social media* - C
  19. Pick up CFA POP - C
  20. Rewrite goals - every Monday!!!

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