Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 67: Time to Get Fit Baby!! My Plan for Fitness is Working!

The stars have aligned and the march towards my health goals feel right and I am seeing major progress. What I love most about what I have chosen to do to reach these goals fits in so nicely with my lifestyle. I am not choosing a "quick fix" to drop 10 lbs in a week. I resigned myself in the beginning of this process that I did not gain the extra pounds overnight and they can't come off overnight.

With that said - the health plan I am following is solid and I am seeing major changes that keep me motivated and moving forward. It is really by no accident the stars have aligned. All is in sync because I have made clear goals about how I want to be healthy and I have sought out resources to help me stay accountable.

How am I doing it?

Fitness Program:  ChaLEAN Extreme Program. (to purchase click HERE!)
I am starting the 3rd phase of the program tomorrow! I am so excited!! This program fits in so nicely with a busy lifestyle. It is easy to follow and appropriate for all levels of fitness. Love it!

Diet: Weight Watchers: I decided to join WW because it is such a sound program that does not promote a quick fix but rather eating healthy and making healthy eating a lifestyle. I am using their tools to help me focus on portion control and accountability. I no longer weigh myself at home. I go once a week for a weigh in.
I weighed in today at Weight Watchers and I am down 4.6 lbs!!

Fueling my Body: Shakeology - I drink Shakeology every morning for breakfast. It is so full of vitamins and nutrients. Shakeology has delivered on everything it has promised! I cannot believe how much Shakeology had reduced cravings. I KNOW that has helped me to follow a healthy diet. To learn more about Shakeology or to purchase CLICK HERE .
Accountability: Find a friend who wants to get fit too! You will keep each other motivated and accountable.

Be sure to join Getting Fit With Joy  and help keep each other accountable! I am just started this facebook page and appreciate you joining and telling your friends. I am going to pay it forward by helping others get fit and stay accountable!

Tuesday, January 25
To Do List:

  1. Call my brother - It's his Birthday!!!!  - C
  2. CFA - Plan POP Drop off and mailing - C
  3. Head to Weight Watchers - Time for a weigh in - C
  4. Finish CFA Marketing PP and send to Melissa
  5. Do 1+ thing of my weekly to do list - C
  6. Spend 15 min. in Zone 4 - C
  7. Update DYS f/b - C
  8. Have fun with my children = school is closed. - C
  9. Sign up for hootsuite* - C
  10. Synch up all accounts to hootsuite* - C
  11. Watch Chalene Johnson 30 Day Challenge * - C
  12. Complete 30 Day Challenge* - C
  13. Watch video re: Beachbody business - C
  14. Update blog with TDL* - C
  15. Update blog with post* - C

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