Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 64: Goal versus Skill - The Push Goal

I have been diligent in doing my Chalene Johnson 30 Day Challenge Assignments. I did get stuck on one of her ideas/assignments. The idea put forth: Is your push goal a skill? A skill is something you might need to achieve your push goal but in an of itself should not be the push goal.

Arguably my push goal of making a to do list for the next 356 days could be considered a skill.
I am leaving it as a push goal. My thought is this. How many people will give up after the 30 day challenge is over? How many people will be making their to do list 365 days from now? I would be there is quite a bit of a drop off. As I said from the very beginning. I know all my seconday resoltuion will be crossed of the list this year because of this one thing.

With that said I rewrote the push goal: It's a good before and after!

Before: Make a to do list for 365 days.
Rewrite: Make an effective TDL for 365 Days that includes babysteps to my push goal and secondary goals each of those day.

Less than 365 days from now I will be able to remove it from my list. I know making the TDL will be as natural as brushing my teeth.

On a healthy note - I have book club tonight. I usually overeat! Not tonight. I am taking healthy food full of flavor so I don't feel tempted by the bad stuff!

Friday, January 21
To Do List:

  • Make an effective TDL for 365 Days that includes babysteps to my second push goal each of those day.
  • Work towards goal to make 1k average per week at home business. 

  1. ChaLEAN Extreme - Push 2 - C
  2. Gym for extra cardio - C (did extra 40 minutes!!)
  3. Watch Chalene Johnson 30 Day Challenge* - C
  4. Complete Chalene Johnson 30 Day Challenge Assignment* - C
  5. 2:00 Conference Call with Hillary re: Beachbody Startup* - C
  6. Post TDL - C
  7. Post on blog - C
  8. Book Club (Fun!) -
  9. Make book club food - C
  10. Buy bday present for party tonight - C
  11. Put on calendar training session at school - C
  12. Put on calendar Michele's girls bday party - C
  13. CFA -
    1. SN Cards for AHS - C
    2. f/u on print out of trays - C
    3. work on powerpoint
    4. f/u on essay coupons
    5. f/u with Jim on SN
*To do helping me to get to my push goals.

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Anonymous said...

Please let me know if any of your bookclub members tell you that you're looking slimmer! I would love to know, and if they do, will you tell them what you are doing or do you want to wait until your 90 day challenge is complete?