Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 45: Happy New Year

Yay! 2011!! I am going into this New Year feeling strong and ahead of the game. I have been working out for the last 45 days and making a To Do List everyday! I have gotten a lot done! If you read any of my post in the past you will know that I did not tell my husband about this blog and my goal to write a TDL for the next 365 days. This morning I decided to share that with him.

He has noticed the changes in me. I have told him many times about an exercise regime I was committed to doing for him to see me give it up a week or two into it. Now since keeping my TDL - he has seen me complete the first phase of ChaLEAN Extreme and move on to the second phase! He has not had to walk over a laundry basket in over 45 days!! In addition to many other achievements!

I wanted to share with him my goal because he is about to start a new position within his company. I know making a TDL everyday will help him to succeed in his new position beyond what he thinks is possible. We are a team. So I needed to share that information with him.

I also am starting today Chalene Johnson's 30 Challenge to get organized and learn how to properly make a TDL. Since I have been writing one for 45 days - I am in the rhythm. It is time to learn how to make the most out of that TDL. I will take any advice from experts I can! Expect to see on my TDL Chalene Johnson's assignments! If you are interested in doing her challenge & learning from an expert CLICK HERE!
Be sure to share your experiences here!

Saturday, January 1 - New Years Day!
To Do List:
  1. Chalene Johnson - Assignment 1 - C
  2. ChaLEAN Extreme  - Burn Intervals - C
  3. Spend time with family - Dinner at my Brothers! - C
  4. Update blog - C
  5. Write Sunday TDL - C
  6. Read and prepare to do Dave Ramsey $100 Challenge - C

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