Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 68: Hard work paying off!!

Well - I don't really have a post today. My neighbor came down to enjoy a glass of vino and chat. It was very nice to do on my birthday! I am taking a day off of posting. I do want to share one thing.

You all know how hard I have been working to get in shape! Today I am in the grocery store (I feel the staff practically know me I am in there so much) and the woman who works behind the deli counter (who I see a lot) says..."What the heck are you doing? You have lost so much weight!" I almost leaped the deli counter to hug her!! Made me feel fabulous!

All the hard work is showing and paying off!

Get to it!! Join my ChaLEAN Extreme 90 Virtual Fit Club Event!!

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Wednesday, January 26
To Do List:

  • Review CFA PP one more time.
  • Spend 1 hr. on St. B
  • Update blog with TDL - C
  • Update blog post - C
  • Post DYS F/b - C
  • Update Getting Fit with Joy Event  - C
  • F/u with CFA Donation Request
  • Watch Chalen Johnson 30 Day Challenge Video - C
  • Complete 30 Day Challenge Assignment - C
  • ChaLEAN Extreme - Burn it Off - C
  • ChaLEAN Extrem - Ab Burner - C
  • Enjoy the day - it's my BIRTHDAY!!! - C already enjoying b/c of all the great bday wishes!!

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