Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 57: Working Out with ChaLEAN Extreme

I am in the second month of the ChaLEAN Extreme program and I am seeing muscle!!! I love it! I have to be honest - I started this program several months ago and quit simply because I was being lazy and not making it a priority. I got a month into it and then probably had a busy day so skipped the workout. Then one day skipping my workout turned into two, three, four... Not this time! It is on my TDL!!

What I LOVE about this program is the time required to complete the workouts. Each day is under one hour. The three weight training days are under 40. I can definitely fit that in my schedule. I am worth it! The energy I am feeling since working out is more than making up for any "time" I spend not doing something else.

I have listed below the benefits I have seen since I started working out. I am just an average woman who committed to working out with the ChaLEAN Extreme Program. What I liked about the program is the focus on building muscle. I am 38 years old (going on 39 this mo.). Muscle is more important than ever for me as I creep closer to 40. Don't get me wrong 40 is going to be fabulous! I am going to be a fit hot 40 year old but I need muscle to be that woman.

By working out you will:

1. Make healthier food choices during your day. I especially find this true when I work out in the morning. It sets the tone for the day.
2. Have more ENERGY
3. Helps you to focus. Exercising clears the brain and helps you to move forward with a clear head.
4. Decrease Stress. I believe simply the act of working out works to decrease stress. I know there is specific scientific data to prove this. The simple act of not have to find a pair of pants that fit or struggle to button has decreased my stress by 110%!
5. Motivate others in your life to workout! I want my loved ones healthy. You can only do so much to motivate them to workout. My husband had been talking a lot about working out. Now he is doing it! I honestly believe he was more motivated to finally workout and "just do it" by seeing me schedule and workout each day!

and many more!!

Push Goal:
  • Make my TDL for 365 Days
  • Work towards goal to make 1k average per week at home business.
  • Work on getting beachbody bus. up and running.
Friday, January 14
To Do List:

  1. Check calendar - C
  2. Drop off materials to FS -C
  3. ChaLEAN Extreme - Push 2 - C (CLICK HERE if you want to purchase ChaLEAN Extreme!)
  4. CFA Work (FOCUS on the This!!) - C
    1. f/u on SN request
    2. f/u on donation request - C
    3. review website - C
    4. post f/b - C
    5. Update CFA To Do List
    6. work on DDDN - C
      1. write and send email. - C
      2. Write plan for the evening.
      3. ad event on f/b - C
      4. check reservations - C
    7. work on PJ Party - C
      1. write email and schedule to send - C
      2. write f/b posting - C
      3. add event on f/b - C
  5. Work 10 minutes on PP presentation for GG.
  6. Brainstorm DYS f/b 15 minutes
  7. Send St. B letter by email to 5 - 10 companies
  8. Post St. B f/b
  9. Complete anything on yesterdays list that did not get accomplished. - C (Called V. Wireless!!)
  10. Update blog with TDL* - C
  11. Update blog with post.* - C
  12. Watch Chalene Johnson 30 Day Challenge* - C
  13. Complete 30 Day Challenge  Assignment* - C
  14. Brainstorm next TD for Beachbody business.* - C
  15. Have a PJ party with the children tonight! - C

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