Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 55: Fine Tuning the To Do List

I am working on fine tuning my To Do List. I have a tendency to put a lot on it! As Chalene Johnson mentions - it is important to feel successful at the end of the day.  I am going to focus on putting itmes that are not life and death on the weekly TDL. To help me stay productive I will simply put on my Daily TDL one action item that says- look at the weekly list and cross off 1+ items! I don't want to get lazy and allow my weekly to do list to become my scapegoat to say "I will get to it." I need to get to it all!

On a funny note - my husband asked me to do something on Monday. I simply said "I can't get it to it today but would be happy to put it on my to do list for you tomorrow." Well -  I did what I said and got what he needed done on Tuesday.  He came home from work last night and said -"Hey you got it done. I am going to start asking for some "other" things to be put on your to do list." LOL!  He has really noticed the difference and has been very supportive!

Push Goal:
  • Make my TDL for 365 Days
  • Work towards goal to make 1k average per week at home business.
  • Work on getting beachbody bus. up and running.

Wed. January 12
To Do List:

  • Post TDL - C
  • Post to blog -C
  • ChaLEAN Extreme - Push 1 - C
  • Meeting at Michael's - C
  • CFA - work 2 hrs. - C
  • Follow WW - C
  • Buy URL * - C !!!!!
  • Figure out how to get rid of old DYS page - C for today. But still in progress.
  • f/b - St. B - C
  • f/b - CFA - C
  • Watch Chalene J. 30 Day Challenge Video * - C
  • Do 30 Day Challenge Homework Assignment * - C
  • Make Thursday TDL * - C
  • & the few items I did not do yesterday, updated budget & paid bills. - C
  • Read few articles about business * - C
* signifies a TD that works toward my Push Goal.

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