Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 70: Listen to your Body

Today is one of those days I need to listen to my body. My body told me this morning that it needed rest. I woke up with a migraine. Luckily got rid of that but have had an upset stomach. Napped. Felt better and decided to push through my workout. Ugh! I completed it but  I should have taken the day off. My body was not fueled properly for the workout.

Off to take another nap. My body is saying...I do not feel good. Please rest. Hopefully I can rid of this quickly so I can feel some energy tomorrow.

Friday, January 28
To Do List:

  1. CFA - Donation request
    1. rehab center - C
    2. O. El. - C
    3. Tammy - C
    4. other - C
  2. CFA -f/y with Lori
  3. CFA - essay
  4. CFA - update time sheet - C
  5. Make list of everything I need to pull for taxes
  6. Thank you notes: Mom & Dad, Dad & Dee, Linda
  7. Work on Zone 4 - 15 minutes
  8. What's For Dinner? - C (in the crock pot)
  9. ChaLEAN Extreme - Lean 1* - C
  10. Post TDL on blog* - C
  11. Post blog post* - C
  12. Watch Chalene Johnson 30 Day Challenge Video*  - C
  13. Complete Chalene Johnson 30 Day Challenge Assignment* - C
  14. Review bb getting started guide and begin steps*
  15. Schedule on phone calendar reminder to write weekly goals.
  16. Update f/b
    1. DYS - C
    2. St. B - C
    3. CFA - C
    4. GFWJ - C
  17. Create DYS Twitter Account - C
  18. Create GFWJ Twitter Account*

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