Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 63: Day 20 on my Chalene Johnson 30 Day Challenge

I am day 20 into my Chalene Johnson 30 Day Challenge. This has really been a helpful challenge to make the most of understanding the to do list and maximizing that list to achieve my goals.  I am know the habit will be well ingrained by day 365 and simply part of my daily routine as is brushing my teeth.

Today Chalene asked us to take a look at what quick thing we could to push us closer to our goals. What is it that makes us uncomfortable and keeps us from hitting our goals. My thoughts on the uncomfortable assignment  -- its a good assignment  and certainly one that makes you look in the mirror and get real. My assignment - is to stop second guessing myself and learning to be realistic with my time. How will I do that? Next time I take pause to "not do something" I will just say out loud "Stop second guessing and just do it." As for being realistic with my time. I believe the 30- day challenge is helping with that. I am still trying the get the swing of the daily vs. weekly to do. I think I am trying to pack too much in a day.

What do you need to do move forward with your goals/dreams? My favorite motto - JUST DO IT!!

On a side note - just to share -
What a great day! I enjoyed celebrating my daughters 4th birthday with all her preschool friends at Micheal's Craft Store. The store did a fabulous job. What 4 yr. old doesn't like to get their hands dirty with paint and bling!? The children each painted their own picture frame and decorated it with bling. A birthday event at Michael's is recommended by this mom! Everyone had a lot of fun!

Thursday, January 20
To Do List:

  • Rise and Shine - have to get to Pre-school Registration - C
  • Grocery Store (need couple items for bday event!) - C
  • Make Tea Sandwiches for bday party - C
  • Pick up friend. - C
  • Birthday Party - C
  • Update DYS fb page - C
  • Make Friday TDL
  • Watch Chalene Johnsson 30 Day Challenge Video - C
  • Complete 30 Day Challenge  Assignment - C
  • Review past 30 Day Challenge  Info.
  • Post TDL on blog - C
  • Post blog post - C
  • Spend time working on Zone 3 - C

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