Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 51: Emergancy Fund Created!!

I have crossed two things off my Finance TDL - Budget Complete & Emergency Fund of 1k created!!  I of course will continue to update and fine tune my budget. I am looking for ways to decrease some of the fixed budget items and will continue to work on decreasing variable budget line items (e.g. groceries).  My husband recently got a new position within his company that moves us from an income that is not regular (commission sales) to a salaried fixed income with the exception of bonuses. This will effect our budget a bit.

I opened a saving account and deposited $1,000 today in a bank separate from the bank I have my checking account. I do not want it to be easy to transfer or pull out money from the account. I want it used only for the purpose it was set up - for emergency use! It felt great to get that checked off my list today!

I watched Chalene Johnson's 30 Day Challenge video today. She is really getting into how she makes her TDL. She has a great system that will help me. One of the things I have had a tough time with is the non-priority TD's that don't get done on the day I schedule them. I really want everything crossed off my list I schedule.

Chalene's set up is to have a Daily To Do, Weekly To Do and Quarterly To Do. I think keeping a weekly to do list and crossing them off when I have time will work to help me feel successful and moving forward.

I am off to work on my 30 Day Challenge Assignment. If you have not signed up it is well worth the time.
Go to Chalene Johnson 30 Day Challenge  and sign up today!

Friday, January 7
To Do List:

  1. ChaLEAN Extreme - Burn 2 - C
  2. (1) Load of laundry - C
  3. What's for dinner? Salad and Split Pea Soup (homemade!)
  4. HOA FEE - C
  5. Plan for emergency fund. finalized - COMPLETE
  6. Investigate WW - C
  7. What time is Hillary's call? - C 10:00 EST
  8. Order CFA POP
  9. Order Melissa's POP - C
  10. Put 1/2 hour on time sheet - C
  11. Flowers for CFA - C (picked up vases)
  12. Volunteer Position -what needs to happen?
  13. Take down Christmas Tree  - C
  14. Learn something new about Beachbody coaching - C
  15. Watch 30 Day Challenge video - C
  16. 30 Day Challenge Assignment - C
  17. Give Tami recipes - C
  18. Call V. Wireless - NC
  19. Create note sheet for AHS on CFA SN - NC
  20. 1 hour on marketing plan for CFA - NC
  21. Email Marie - address - C
  22. Set up play date for son - C
  23. F/u with Lisa on DYS - NC
  24. Write weekend TDL  - C

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