Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 56: Breast Exams & Such

I crossed off another one of my resolutions. Yes, it did not take much to cross it off other than a call and actually showing up for the appointment but I went for my annual Gyn appointment. I could not believe how long it had really been since I had my last exam. I was embarrassed! I honestly thought it had been two years but it was  more! It is so important for women to have regular checkups. Here on out there will be no missing the yearly exam. It is on my to do list!

My Dr. added a To Do to my list. Now that I am 39 with a history of breast cancer in my family I need to set up an appointment to get a mammogram. This will be a yearly to do from now on. I will put it on the to do list and get it done.

My takeaways from today:

Do regular self exams.  Self Breast Exam
& Time does fly! If you think its been a month since you have done something that you need to do...its probably been at least three! Put it on the to do list and get it done!

Push Goal:
  • Make my TDL for 365 Days
  • Work towards goal to make 1k average per week at home business.
  • Work on getting beachbody bus. up and running.

Wed. January 12
To Do List:

  • Post TDL - C
  • Post to blog -
  • PRIORITY - Call Verizon Wireless - UGH! I was out all day and did not get this done.
  • Make a copy of VW bill & give to Hubby -
  • Make a list of what I need for J's bday. -
  • Exercise Day Off - but if time permits I am going to do 30 min. Cardio. - NC
  • OB/GYN Apt. (then I can cross off one of my Health Resolutions!!)   - COMPLETE!!
  • CFA - work - C
  • Follow WW - C
  • Beachbody Conference Call 9:00 pm -*
  • f/b - St. B -
  • f/b - CFA - C
  • Watch Chalene J. 30 Day Challenge Video *  - C
  • Do 30 Day Challenge Homework Assignment * - C
  • Make Friday TDL *
  • Put bills paid in the mail - C
  • Send email to J's teachers -
* signifies a TD that works toward my Push Goal.

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