Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 50: Cutting the Budget

Cutting the budget! My husband recently got a new position in his company. They will cover the cost of his cell phone! That will help us cut at least $100 off our monthly budget! He is also getting rid of his storage unit! Another $50! I am looking for other ways to cut the monthly budget.

Let's see how I do on grocerys this month. My goal was to cut my $900 grocery budget by 20% and did not come close to that goal in Dec. It's a new month!  I am going to stay accountable with my budget. Expect to see a post everday on where I am!

Grocery Budget = $720
January Spent to Date = $21.45
Total Grocery Budget Left = $698.55

Thursday, January 6
To Do List:

  1. Find out next steps to change the Verizon W. plan - C
  2. Write out check and drop off tuition - C
  3. Bank - C
  4. Pick up at copy center and drop off at schools - C
  5. Drop off folder to school - C
  6. Email Kim - C
  7. Work 2 hrs. -
  8. Clean out paper basket -
  9. Schedule min. (1) Beachbody conference call.
  10. Brainstorm next steps for GG and PGI - to get as business.
  11. Post TDL & Blog - C
  12. 11. Watch and do 30 Day Callenge Assignment - C

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