Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 21: Happy Holidays

No update this evening. Just had fun with the family putting up Christmas decorations and elfing ourselves. If you want to laugh go elf yourself at
Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!!

To Do List:
  1. Pick up checks from work. - C (they were not ready.)
  2. Bank - Make deposits - C
  3. ChaLEAN Extreme Burn 2 - C
  4. Write letter for art auction (volunteer job) - NC
  5. Work - 2 hrs. - NC
  6. Put up the Christmas Tree & Have Fun Decorating with the Family!! - C and had so much fun!
  7. Put laundry away (4 loads) - I got crazy last night and busted through laundry washing and folding. Just need to put it all aways today!  - C
  8. 15 minutes paper declutter - Again this was not on the TDL yesterday but it is becoming a habit. I spent 30 minutes going through old files last night while watching Biggest Loser! - C
Always To Do:
  1. What's for dinner? Chicken Noodle Soup
  2. Refer to weekly calendar. AM/PM -  AM/C
  3. Put new apt. on the calendar C
  4. Clear Command Central (desk) -  C
  5. Make Thursday TDL - C
  6. Any thank you notes to write? - C
Scheduled To Do:
  1. Drop off/Pick Up from School - C
  2. Everything else cancelled...Son home school sick. :( = C

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