Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 44: New Year's Eve

Today is typically the day I would go in my room to get some peace and quiet and brainstorm some things I hope to achieve this year. I would write them in a journal and probably look or think about them once or twice only to writing them again next year.

Not this year!! My secondary resolutions have all been thought out and babysteps to achieve those goals are on my TDL each day.

Anyone who asks me today what my New Years Resolution will be for 2011 - continue writing a To Do List every day! Based on that I know I can achieve my overall goals.

Get to it! Happy New Years! Be safe!

Friday, December 31
To Do List:

  • Prep for New Year Get Together - (I have a list on my notepad detailing several TD's to get this accomplished!) -
  • ChaLEAN Extreme Burn 2 - C (I am really starting to see changes in my body! Love it!)
  • Read Dave Ramsey's article 11 Weird Things To Do in 2011 - C
  • Run to grocery store for last minute munchies for the children tonight. (don't go without a list!) - C
  • Enjoy family time! -
 I have family in town and they are priority the next few days!

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