Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 24/25: Weekend Cleaning!!

Today is all about getting my living room back together! We repainted and moved furniture around. I am going through books and purging! So far I have two boxes to give away. It feels great!!

What's on your TDL this weekend?

To Do List:
  1. ChaLEAN Extreme Burn It Off - C
  2. Put living room back together - C
  3. Organize/giveaway DVD's/VHS Tapes - C
  4. Schedule pickup through - C
  5. Wrap gifts to take up to Church - C
  6. Grocery Store - Moving to Monday
  7. Pick up rug from Lowes - Not in.

Always To Do:
  1. What's for dinner? Take out - Chinese!! & Enchiladas - C
  2. Refer to weekly calendar. AM/PM -  C
  3. Put new apt. on the calendar C
  4. Clear Command Central (desk) -   NC
  5. Make Monday TDL - C
  6. Any thank you notes to write? - C

Scheduled To Do:

  1. Visit with neighbor - chat and drink a glass of vino!! - C
  2. Mt. Vernon Trip - Cancelled because of rain.  :(
  3. Church  - C

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