Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 23: 365 Day Challenge

Who want's to get in on the 365 Day To Do List Challenge?

I am looking for Team Members! That is anyone who wants to join in the 365 Day To Do List Challenge!

Consider this blog your teammate, cheering you on as you successfully cross off all your New Years Resolutions! We are all going to achieve our resolutions by committing to ONE thing - Making a To Do List everyday. On this blog we will share ideas, tips, trials, tribulations and stay movitated throughout the year.

Here is what you need to do to be actively involved in this blog:

Step 1: Commit to making a To Do List Everyday.
Step 2: Write out what long term goals/resolutions you wish to achieve in the next 365 days. Be specific. You can read what I call my secondary resolutions on the tabs marked, health, finance and home.
Step 3: Each day you must take 10- 15 minutes to write your To Do List and put steps on that To Do List (no matter how small) to work towards achieving those resolutions!

Let's Get to It!!

My TDL for Friday, December 10.
To Do List:

  1. ChaLEAN Extreme - Burn 3 Workout - C
  2. Make work TDL
  3. Send Jeff links to my beachbody/shakeology site - C
  4. Follow up on business cards for AD. - C
  5. Pick up check from work and deposit. - C
  6. (1) Load of laundry, wash, dry and put away.
  7. Write blog post.
Always To Do:
  1. What's for dinner? Pasta!!
  2. Refer to weekly calendar. AM/PM - 
  3. Put new apt. on the calendar C
  4. Clear Command Central (desk) -  
  5. Make Saturday/Sunday TDL -
  6. Any thank you notes to write? - C
Scheduled To Do:

  1. Drop off & Pick up from school - C
  2. Funeral Home :( -

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